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76 SEO In 2016: The Big Fat Guide

SEO can be a confusing topic, with many conflicting opinions and a number of areas which are (to say the least) more than a little grey. Well, grey is no use to anyone, so in this guide to SEO in 2016 I have explored over 80 common SEO questions and (in most cases) provided definitive answers. I have also […]

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14 SEO? Ain’t Nobody Got Time Fo’ That!

Today’s internet is incredibly fast moving. In my many years as an internet marketer I have observed (and been party to) the quickening pace, but things really seem to have accelerated over the past year. I am seeing lots of new sites popping up and achieving rapid growth, generating eye watering amounts of traffic in […]

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15 Building Your Authority: To Get Ahead… Get Quoted!

Authority. If you are a regular reader of internet marketing/SEO blogs, you’ll see that word popping up a lot; become an authority, build your authority, authority this, authority that. It’s probably up there with ‘content is king’ as the most overused phrase in SEO, but you know what, there is a reason for that… It’s because it’s true. […]

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