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13 Why I Support MyBlogGuest

You may have heard that google has penalised MyBlogGuest (see Since last week, the popular guest blogging community can no longer be found on google for branded searches. In fact a google search using would suggest that the site has been completely de-indexed (the jobs.myblogguest subdomain is all that comes up here). Matt Cutts […]

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What Makes Content Shareable?

While it is currently the source of some debate how much direct influence social signals have on a site’s SEO (see Matt Cutts’ comments in January), one thing that can’t be argued is that twitter, facebook etc are extremely important sources of direct traffic. If your blog post goes viral then you can expect to […]

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24 Matthew Woodward Embraces White Hat SEO (Almost…)

Matthew Woodward’s blog has received a lot of attention in the internet marketing world over the past year or so and deservedly so. He writes excellent, high quality tutorials, answers questions/comments, publishes regularly and has built strong relations in the SEO community. He’s also a very helpful, approachable, genuinely nice guy. All the good stuff! […]

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