Need More Tweets, Likes & Shares? Then You Need Viral Content Buzz!

300x250I’ve written a lot about the importance of building up your network and using social media to drive traffic to your website. If you are lucky enough to be on the Forbes Top 50 social media influencers list then every time you tweet you’ll probably receive a load of traffic to your site and numerous retweets without even really having to try.

But what about when you are starting out and your twitter followers number in the tens instead of the tens of thousands? Well, if you have great content on your site and need a little help in getting it out there to begin with, then the good news is there is a great service that will help you do just that. And best of all, it’s completely free! Step forward Viral Content Buzz.

Nice Name… But What Is Viral Content Buzz?

Well, firstly, it has nothing to do with viruses and secondly (apart from the logo) it has nothing to do with bees. What it does have to do with is getting the initial tweets, likes, stumbles and shares for your blog posts, that will get your articles noticed and (if your content is good enough) give them the potential to go truly viral.

How Does Viral Content Buzz Work?

The basic premise of Viral Content Buzz is simple – you share other people’s content on your social networks and in return you receive ‘points’, which you can use to share your own content. The more you share, the more points you build up and the bigger your own social following is, the more points you will get for each share.

Which Social Networks Does It Work With?

At the moment, Viral Content Buzz is set up with twitter, facebook, pinterest and stumbleupon.

I asked co-founder Ann Smarty if they intended to add google+ (which is going to be so important for your site going forward) and she replied


So unfortunately, when they do add google+ you won’t earn any points for sharing, but I would still recommend that if you like a story you share it on google+ anyway. It’s nice to be nice after all 🙂

How Effective Is It?

Well, I’m a new user myself and have just added this post, so will be able to report back in a few days with my own results. In the mean time, this case study on Ann’s blog certainly shows some impressive results.

A site which had been bumbling along with little to no traffic had a huge increase after submitting one of their articles to the site, as the graph below shows (image from Ann’s post).


That’s a pretty impressive spike I’m sure you’ll agree!

How Easy Is It To Use?

It’s very straight forward. After registering, you connect up your social networks and then can start sharing other people’s content from your dashboard (see below, which includes my article in the first row!).


And once you have built up some points, you can then start sharing your own articles and getting lots of lovely shares and visitors. Each share will cost you between 1 and 4 points (depending on the sharers social media influence) and for each new article you set a points budget – simple!

How Can It Be Improved?

Well, firstly, adding google+ to the share options is an obvious one and something which it would seem will be added shortly.

I also think that an option to share a post on multiple platforms would be useful as at the moment if you want to share someone’s content on say Twitter and Pinterest you need to do them one at a time and go back to the dashboard each time (unless I’m missing something…). Minor grumble though and probably just me being lazy!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Viral Content Buzz is a fantastic way to get your content in front of other bloggers and not only will you be receiving shares (and traffic), you will also be finding great content from other bloggers that can be informative and possibly inspire future posts of your own. So take the time to read other people’s articles before sharing!

And if you like what you see, drop them a comment, add them on twitter/g+ etc and build your network – that’s what it’s all about!

Sign up today at and start buzzing!

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forklift training - July 25, 2013

Very interesting post will definitely be looking into Viral Content Buzz, looks like it has increased the impressions on webmasters. Great post

Mohammad Reaz - August 11, 2013

I saw this buzz site 3-4 month ago. But forgot the site URL. Really helpful and useful site to increase tweets, share and many more. Thanks for share..

Ann Smarty - September 4, 2013

Thanks for this awesome review! I missed as I was traveling – but I am glad I am finally on it!

    David McSweeney - September 4, 2013

    No problem Ann, it’s another great service (which I need to use more!)

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