WordPress Twenty Fourteen Theme Is Pretty Damn Sexy!

WordPress 3.8 is out today (I’ve just upgraded). It’s not a radical overhaul, but the back end stuff is nice and you should of course upgrade your installation asap.

What I do really like though is the wordpress Twenty Fourteen theme that comes with it.

It’s the first time that a default wordpress theme has really caught my eye – so much so that I’m flirting with the idea of converting this site into it.

Here are a few of the things that have got me excited….


Exceptional Responsive Layout

The responsive layout is, to be frank, exceptional.

Right out the box, it just looks great across every medium/screen size.

I’m not ashamed to say I spent a good couple of minutes playing around with the size of my browser window, salivating as the 3 columns popped in and out of view and the oversize featured post images beautifully scaled up and down accordingly.

Responsive layouts are where it’s at and I honestly haven’t seen much better than this, certainly not from a free theme.

Fantastically Readable Text

I’m a bit obsessive about text formatting, wasting many an hour tweaking line height and letter spacing.

Well again, right out the box, the WordPress 2014 theme has got this nailed.

The text just looks great. All the headers are the perfect size. I even like the default green links.

Elegant. Clean. Beautiful.

Those Featured Images

Those featured images on posts I mentioned above. Well I have to mention them again, they look stunning.

Both on the archive pages and on the posts themselves, they make for a colourful, vibrant visual delight.

Check It Out!

I could go on, but just go ahead and check out the theme for yourself

It’s definitely the best free wordpress theme I have seen and you might just be seeing it right here in action on this very blog soon!

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Daniel Craig Jallits - December 13, 2013

WordPress version 3.8 included the TwentyFourteen theme, not 2.8 as stated in your first sentence. Otherwise, nice write-up!

    David McSweeney - December 13, 2013

    Oops… Have updated, thanks!

Santanu - December 13, 2013

The post starts with WordPress 2.8 I think it should be 3.8

Samir - December 13, 2013


Yeah Just checked the new wordpress Twenty Fourteen theme which is really responsive and elegant. I think their is no need to purchase a new theme for my tech blog.

Thanks for sharing!

    David McSweeney - December 14, 2013

    It’s great!

Brandon Bear - December 13, 2013

Interesting — I never really liked the default themes, just because there are so many other people using it… but I guess if you changed up the color scheme and figured out a way to brand the site uniquely, that would work.

By the way, have you been trying to put out a lot more posts recently? Noticed you’ve gotten a few out in the last or so.

    David McSweeney - December 14, 2013

    Trying to up my frequency a bit – ideally I want to be posting 3/4 times a week. I had a couple of sleepless nights last week though, which I used to put posts together.

Logan Thompson - December 13, 2013

The new admin area is very beautiful. I’m a sucker for good design. I’m also liking the new default theme and have often wondered why all of the default wordpress themes were so ugly. Finally they got one right.

    David McSweeney - December 14, 2013

    yeah, the admin is great. Massive improvement on mobile in particular.

Adesoji - December 13, 2013

You are soo right.

It’s pretty damn sexy. I’m going to be using it on my personal blog.

    David McSweeney - December 14, 2013

    I’d like to put it in a nice dress and take it out for a steak dinner 🙂

Dilip Win - December 23, 2013

Are those themes are SEO optimized ? and also suits to google adsense polices? I need a theme with both features

    David McSweeney - December 24, 2013

    it should be pretty well optimised and should definitely be ok for adsense. Your content will be primary factor with whether your site will be accepted for adsense

Nikhil - December 25, 2013

From last two years I am using blogger hosting but at the end I use WordPress from last month, I got a surprise from WordPress with this theme. Really Happy because This theme looks very beautiful. Can I change this black color of this theme..?

    David McSweeney - December 30, 2013

    Hi Nikhil, it’s a great theme and pretty straight forward to change the colour scheme

May zul - July 7, 2014

i like this template so much… but having trouble at how to put adsense code inside the posting area … can you hekp me, pls… thx

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