Launching A New Blog With Killer Content

Why you should launch a new blog with your very best content to stand out from the crowd and go in with a bang!

stand out from the crowd!

Launching a new blog is an exciting time. You have a great looking template, a subject you are passionate about and content ideas buzzing around your brain – including a series of killer ‘cornerstone’ posts. You recognise however, that building a blog audience takes time, no matter how good you are, and that in the first few weeks (if not months) of the blog’s existence on the web much of the traffic may well be coming from you, a few of your mates and your mum.

So, a question; should you launch the blog with your dynamite content and run the risk that no one will see it, or should you publish some ‘filler’ articles first while you are building your audience?

As far as I am concerned the answer is easy – go in with a bang and here are some reasons why!

1. You Want To Stand Out From The Crowd

It’s often said that you shouldn’t blow your own trumpet, but launching a new blog is a time when this rule goes out the window. Thousands of new blogs are launched every day and to make sure you are seen among the ‘noise’ you will have to be your own publicist and biggest fan.

You will be spending much of your time (hours and hours of it) stalking A list bloggers in your niche on twitter, emailing, facebooking and begging all and sundry to please take a look at your site. And let me tell you it can be hard work to get even just a few clicks.

So, what do you want those precious few who acknowledge your site’s existence to see when they get there? A collection of half baked blog posts, or your amazing, revolutionary new insight into your topic? The question is of course rhetorical.

2. You Will Have Other Ideas!

If you have already had amazing content ideas and haven’t even really begun your blogging journey yet, the chances are that you will have similarly good (if not better) ideas in the future. Have faith in yourself, after all you picked a topic you are passionate about right? (clue: if you haven’t then pick another topic!)

As your audience builds you will also find that you get lots of content ideas from comments on your blog, interactions on twitter etc, as visitors and followers will ask questions and you will see patterns emerging.

3. You Might Pick Up Some Links

For your website to gain traction in the search engines, you are going to need to start attracting links to your site and the only way that is going to happen (we’re ethical online marketers remember!) is if you have great content.

If you launch with your best content then there is a chance some of those A listers and B listers that you managed to get to visit your site might throw a link or two your way. These links will bring you direct traffic (vital in the early stages of a blog) and start to boost your search engine rankings over time.

4. You Want To Be Seen As An Expert From Day One

A few well written, incisive articles in the early days of your new blog can quickly position you as an expert in your niche. And once you are recognised as being an authority on your topic, good things come your way – citations, invitations to guest post, twitter followers; everything a new blog needs to thrive.

5. Your Key Content Should Be Evergreen

Launching your blog with high quality, in depth content (particular a series of posts) will give you a great knowledge base to refer to in future posts. As new content ideas develop, you will find yourself referring (and linking) back to your original posts as a reference point, which will only serve to increase their authority.

It is always a good idea to go back to old content every now and again and freshen it up; perhaps things have changed a little since the original post? In this way, that great content that you published at the beginning remains ‘evergreen’ and delivers the same bang for someone that is discovering it a year or more after it was originally written as it did in for those first few visitors in the early days of your blog.

So, that’s 5 reasons why you should launch your new blog with not just good, but extraordinary content. Write with passion, write with authority, create killer content and your blog will quickly build traffic and a loyal following.

Before you know it you will be the A list blogger who’s inbox is bombarded with emails from poor bloggers desperate for a bit of attention! Be kind to them, for you were once in their shoes 😉

Do you agree with this post? I’d love to hear your feedback, so please feel free to leave a comment below.


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Karan - July 2, 2013

I have just started this new blog and your tips are surely going to help me a lot. I completely agree with your point of getting backlinks. Backlinks helps a lot in quicker indexing of a blog.
Anyways, thanks for the great post.

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