How To Be Nice

Why to be successful in internet marketing you need to be… nice.


The internet is a big, dark, lonely place.

Actually it’s not.

Well, it is big, but it doesn’t have to be lonely.

As I sit in splendid isolation in the corner of Starbucks writing this, I ponder two things: –

1) My Christmas blend filter coffee is pretty damn tasty and I will soon be seeking a refill.
2) A big part of being successful in internet marketing and blogging comes from being nice.

Nice is not a nice word

Firstly, let me state that I hate the word nice.

It’s so bland. The blandest of all words; like dipping a rich tea biscuit in tepid water while listening to a CD of Simply Red piano covers at your nans.

But, I guess (grudgingly) that, just as there is a place for Simply Red in the world, there is also a time to use the word nice. And this is one of those times.

So, fellow internet marketers – here is how to be nice.

Share other people’s interesting content

No one likes a show off.

Remember that kid at school who was good at everything and liked to brag about it?Sure, on the face of it he was Mr Popular, but you can bet that deep down everyone just wanted him to shut up and get over himself.

He probably works in a bank now and cries himself to sleep every night (alone).

Striking A Balance

Of course you have to share your own content on your social media, but, taking twitter for example, somewhere in the region of 50% of your tweets should be sharing the content of others.

The person who’s content you shared will be grateful and your followers will be grateful too.

You can bet that you will have a bigger circle of internet friends than Billy big boots in no time.

tip: Don’t just hit the auto retweet button. Add your own message (to your followers) at the start of the tweet telling them why they should check it out, like this: –

You’re more likely to get thanked, like this: –

And on that note….

Thank those who share your content

If someone shares your content take the time to thank them whenever possible. They’ll be more likely to do it again.

Even better, share or retweet one of their posts.

Link out freely

While a tweet or a like is a great way of sharing cool stuff and helping out your fellow internet marketers, nothing quite says ‘I love you’ like a link.

Ignore those who tell you to horde pagerank etc – they still think it’s 2001.

Well, newsflash, Supergrass aren’t in the charts anymore (sadly), so time to step into the twenty-tens (or whatever the hell this decade is called?) and start linking out.

Not only will you be building your burgeoning reputation as a super nice blogger, you’ll also be: –

So share the link love!

Comment on interesting posts on other blogs

Everyone likes getting comments.

They reassure us that someone is actually listening andΒ we are not just some cyber nutter, ranting away pointlessly to ourselves and spewing words out into the ether.

So if you enjoy an article, take the time to leave a (thoughtful) comment.

Bonus: You’ll probably get some referral traffic and will be helping to create a diverse link profile.

Thank those who comment on yours

Those lovely people who leave a comment on your blog….

Answer their question (if they have one) or thank them for their comment.

Don’t spam!

Spam is the anti-nice. Santa doesn’t visit spammers.

Don’t do any of the following: –

  • Leave spammy comments on blogs (automated or otherwise)
  • Spin articles (they’re no use to anyone and clutter up the internet)
  • Spam forums for a signature link
  • Tweet links to your content every 10 minutes
  • Send spam emails to your mailing list
  • Acquire that email list through dodgy methods

Basically, don’t annoy the internet.

Not such a lonely place after all

Succeeding with internet marketing these days is all about providing true value for your visitors (through exceptional content) and building your online network/real relationships.

If no man is an island, then neither should your website be drifting alone in the ocean of the internet.

Reach out to other webmasters in your niche, share their content, ask them to share yours, leave comments. Say thanks. Be social. Be nice.

Time for that refill (thanks Audrey!).


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