How Frequently Should You Update Your Blog?

Today I explain how posting frequency is one of the key factors in growing your blog’s audience and ask just how frequently you should update your blog.


Let me preface by saying the irony of this article is not lost on me considering my last post was over 2 weeks ago, but it’s that very fact (and my embarrassment over it!) that made me write this today.

I firmly believe that a regular posting schedule is a key factor in the success of any blog and one of the critical ingredients in the magic formula that will build a loyal, engaged following. So here’s why you should post like clockwork for the blogging win!

Building An Audience Is Hard

Building an audience for a new blog is hard. In the early days you’ll get a kick every time you get a new subscriber, a follower on twitter or a couple of comments on a post.

Losing It Is Easy

Conversely, losing that same audience is easy.

And one of the easiest ways to lose the audience you’ve put all that time and effort into building is inactivity. If you can’t be bothered to update your blog, why should they bother to come back to visit?

We Are Creatures Of Habit

Do you read a newspaper on the way into your work in the morning? If so, you’ll expect it to be printed, pressed and ready for you to pick up after your cornflakes.

If it’s not there what will you do? The chances are you’ll probably buy another paper. And if you like the new paper, then you might not go back to your old one the following day.

Worse still would be if the newspaper was there, but had yesterday’s news in it!

Your blog is no different – fail to update it regularly and your readers will go elsewhere.

So How Frequently Should You Blog?

Well, there’s no definitive answer here. If you run a news style blog, then your visitors will probably be looking for a number of new articles every day. Other types of site might just require one or two articles a week, or you might even just publish one 10,000 word monster per month!

The key however is consistency. If you post once a day, post once a day. Once a week, post once a week. Once a month… ok, you get the picture!

Whatever your schedule is, your readers will quickly get used to it and they’ll be expecting you to maintain it.

What Happens When You Are Unable To Update Your Blog?

We all have commitments – holidays, family etc and there will be times when you are simply unable to make time to update your blog. This is however no excuse for your blog stagnating (yes, I know I’ve been guilty of it myself these past 2 weeks!) and is where a bit of forward planning comes in.

Schedule Posts

The first thing you can do is schedule posts in advance. This is easy to do in most good blogging platforms, so if you are away for a week you might prepare 7 articles and set them to post automatically one a day.

Invite A Guest Blogger

Another good idea is to invite a guest blogger (or a couple of guest bloggers) to post for you in your absence. I’ve written a lot about guest blogging already, but this is one of the ways in which you can use guest bloggers on your own site correctly.

You can either approach bloggers in your network that you trust, or use a guest blogging community such as myblogguest.

No excuses for not updating your blog.


So, that’s why a regular posting schedule is a key factor in the success of a blog. Find your schedule, post regularly and watch your subscriber count grow!


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Apollo - August 19, 2013

I agree with you, a schedule is very important. It does not only make things easier for you, but your readers get used to it and know when to expect new posts. It also makes your blog much more organized.

Tom Jamieson - August 24, 2013

David, you are right on with this one. I know that I have seen the effects of regular posting ( or lack there of ) on my blog as well. Thanks for the reminder and keep up the great work!

Cole Wiebe - August 27, 2013

Thanks for a much needed kick in the butt David. The week before last… like clockwork. This past week… not so much :-). My Klout score dropped a point and analytics certainly tell the tale.

Always enjoy your posts,


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