7 Reasons I Love Copyblogger

There are lots of reasons to love copyblogger – in fact I could probably go on all day.

Fortunately for you, my time starved reader, they taught me not to do that (as you will soon see). So here are the 7 main reasons why I love copyblogger and why, if you want to succeed with blogging, you should too.


1. They Taught Me To Write Posts Like This

Yes, I’m talking about list posts.

They always work.

2. They Taught Me To Get To The Point

I have a tendency to waffle on a bit…

But when it comes to copywriting, less is (almost always) more.

3. They Taught Me That Titles Are Just As Important As Content

In fact, they even go so far as to say you should write your headlines first.

4. They Taught Me That Bullets Are Awesome

Because they…

  • Draw attention
  • Are easy to read/digest
  • And our brains love lists (see point 1)

(They also taught me that the magic number for bullet points is 3).

5. They Taught Me To Use Subheads

Because they hold a reader’s attention.

And Sub-Subheads

Because they help to guide your readers along.

6. Because Their Site Looks So Damn Cool

Man, that Genesis framework is so fine.

And ain’t white space sexy?


7. They Taught Me To Have A Strong Call To Action

So go ahead and join their site for free (you won’t regret it)…

… but enter your email below to sign up here first!

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Dilip Win - December 26, 2013

An interesting and different article that i had read ever. Great ..

James Bradrick - January 2, 2014

Ah! Another Copyblogger fan. Good to meet you. I curate just about everything they publish. Which, I think, could get to be a bit problematic given that they publish just about daily.
Keep studying. I know I will.
Best wishes!

    David McSweeney - January 13, 2014

    And everything they publish is so damn good!

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